Lately I’ve been catching up on many posts on different forums and other places about Out Of Hell. It’s been about 2 years since the release and people are still downloading the game and referring others to it! Out Of Hell is flawed in many aspects, there is no doubt about it but there are a lot of people who still say some really kind and encouraging things about the experience as a whole and that just feels really, really great. THANK YOU for your constant support guys and gals!

So initially I was just going to add a few more Media screens and upload some videos to the Out Of Hell Downloads section but just thought I’d throw in a few of the other Daemonicon Monster skins I had done previously too.

Some of the Daemonicon alt skins:

I also have another interesting surprise. Below are 4 concept screens I did as part of a pitch for the Out Of Hell Remake project titled ‘Out Of Hell: Resurrection‘.

Nothing became of it obviously but I still have the materials and if you visit the Out Of Hell Downloads section (or grab it directly from here:Β ) there is a video of a small wooded area I did for the remake. Only a handful of people have ever seen it until now and I thought you’d enjoy seeing what it was!

**EDIT** Just to avoid any confusion, Out Of Hell: Resurrection is not currently in development. These materials were created as part of a pitch to potential publishers back in 2010.