Some old, familiar faces are returning to the town of Grinwood in all their rotting glory! It’s nice to see them all again but keep your distance; you still wouldn’t want to give any of them a hug.

Monster - HordeMonster - MindlessMonster - Sentry

The nice thing about the material setup in UE4 (and UDK) is that it allows me to randomize textures on the models and so I’ve built them in a modular fashion. Textures and parts are able to be switched and swapped out by the Engine each time you play so there will be way more variety. The way it used to be done in the original OoH was that each monster had one set of textures applied to the entire model. Basically, the way it’s done now is that the model is divided into parts such as ‘Head’, ‘Shirt’,‘Pants’,‘Body’etc. and each ‘part’ will have a number of different but corresponding textures which the Engine randomly picks out of the pool and assigns to the model. This concept is applied to a lot of other things in this game as well to ensure a slightly different environment each time it’s played.

Of course, it is still quite a ways away from the final polishing phase but at that time I’ll do a couple more art passes and either cleanup, fix or add more details to all the visuals.

I’ll be adding a few more of our undead friends in the next update so come back soon!