Hello guys! Unfortunately I don’t have any screens to show off this time; I just wanted to drop everyone a line so that you know I’m still here!

The last few months have been…intensive with this game, to say the least. I’ve been doing a lot of work under the hood and behind the scenes. Much of the work is with the framework of the game itself, which is why I can’t really show anything.

Some time ago I bought a framework off Marketplace which had all the bells and whistles; picking up items, movement, sprinting, health system, door physics etc. While it is a great system, I ran into some issues and bugs that I couldn’t fix. I thought that this would be a pain down the road if anyone else played the game and ran across bugs; I’d have to constantly try contacting the author of this framework to get these issues resolved. I decided to just build my own from the bottom up and that way, I would know what went into the Blueprints and thus could have an easier time troubleshooting.

I’ve been training through tutorial after tutorial for the last few months and I have some pretty neat things happening now: Full movement, jump, sprinting with stamina drain, panting/breathing, health and damage, flashlight, picking up items, examining items and notes etc.

This game is going to incorporate almost all of the gameplay ideas I had for Daemonicon with some of the themes and story elements of Out Of Hell. It is going to be a unique beast for sure!

Speaking of Out Of Hell, I am thinking of changing the name of this game (yes, AGAIN) This is mainly to avoid any confusion with the 2009 Out Of Hell mod and besides, this IS a different game at its core anyway. I was thinking “Into Hell” would be enough to differentiate it yet still have that spiritual successor sort of feel to it? Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Until next time, rest assured I’ve got my eye on the prize.